Join the Staff

Interested in Joining the LiveWire staff?

We are currently filling LiveWire staff positions for the 2016-2017 academic year. We will be accepting applications from now until June 1, 2016. However, our goal is to have staff positions filled as soon as possible. Students selected to join the LiveWire staff can opt to receive 2 total units of independent study credit for both the fall and spring semesters of the 2016-2017 academic year.

Why would I want to join?

Our staff is limited to 15 members, each with specialized roles in the production of the journal. Our goal is to give our staff members authentic publishing “internships” to provide them with real-world experience in editing, graphic design, and marketing. Our goal is to make being a member of the LiveWire staff something to highlight on your resume, an experience to write about in your applications to universities, and a launching pad into a career in publishing or other fields.  At the bottom of this page, you can read what staff members say about the benefits of being on staff!

What are the requirements

  • To join the LiveWire staff, you must be a Fullerton College student.  
  • To join the Editing Team, you need to have completed English 100 and have a G.P.A. in English of 3.0 or higher. Having completed a Creative Writing class, being an English major, and having experience as a tutor in the Writing Center are all assets.  
  • To join the Graphics Team, you need to have completed coursework in Art, Graphic Design, or Computer Science. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Word Press are assets. 
  • To join the Marketing Team, it is recommended that you have completed coursework in Business or a related field. Knowledge about publicizing events and an ability to network with diverse groups is an asset.

What positions are available?

  • Editor-in-Chief (1)—will be responsible for content in both Fall and Spring publications; will lead the editing team in selecting, revising and preparing pieces for the issue; will work closely with Faculty Advisors
  • Marketing Team Lead (1)—will lead the Marketing Team in developing a marketing plan to increase submissions and attendance to events; will work closely with Faculty Advisors as well as groups on campus, including the Printing Department
  • Editing Team (3-5)—will be involved in reading, evaluating, and selecting the writing to be published, as well as working with writers to prepare pieces for publication; will be involved in selecting artists for collaboration
  • Marketing Team (3-5)—will help develop and implement the marketing plan to increase submissions and attendance to events
  • Graphics Team (2)–will design and edit graphics for publicity; will design and maintain the LiveWire website

I’m still interested!  How do I join the LiveWire staff?

If you are interested in joining our staff, please email a letter of introduction along with the name of one faculty reference to LiveWire Faculty Advisor, Ryan Shiroma:

Your letter of introduction should include all of the following:

  • your name
  • your FC Banner ID
  • your preferred email address and phone number
  • the staff position in which you are interested (see positions described above)
  • a brief statement of your qualifications to hold that staff position
  • how you believe you could contribute to the LiveWire staff
  • contact information from a faculty member who has agreed to serve as a professional reference

LiveWire is a true collaboration between wonderfully diverse people from all across this campus and community—all of them working together to foster self-expression, creative growth, and the promising careers of students in the arts.”

Amanda Walzer

“LiveWire has been such a beautiful part of my Fullerton College experience. With it, I have found a community of artists who love expressing their art as much as I do, and have learned so much about the process of making that art come to life. It feels like a little family–one I am so happy I got to know.”

Jessie Bullard


LiveWire has given me the opportunity to work with others who also have an interest in the creative realm. Our team truly is like a family, in that we push each other to strive for the very best in each other with love and support. Joining this team can be a positive influence in your life, and it will be one that you will cherish forever.”

Allison Clifton

Head of Publicity

“I love to read and I love to write, and by joining the staff of LiveWire, I have surrounded myself with other like-minded people who I otherwise would not have had the pleasure of meeting.”

Ryan Shiroma

Lead Faculty Advisor

LiveWire is truly one of the best things I have ever done—not just in my time at Fullerton College, but in my entire life. Getting to work with people this talented, on work that is this good, doing things that are so meaningful… Nothing beats it. If you have any reservations about applying to join, forget them. Do yourself a favor, and apply right now.”

Thor Roe


“Being a part of the LiveWire staff has been one of my greatest experiences here at Fullerton College. I get to collaborate with highly ambitious, creative, and friendly individuals that are always a pleasure to be around. Taking the opportunity to join has been one of the most fulfilling choices of my life. They have coffee and bagels sometimes too.”

Ivan Panuco

Web Designer

“When I first was asked to join LiveWire, I knew nothing about publishing. But quickly, I gained skills in selecting, editing, and art commissioning. I learned how to communicate with a team, and how to improve my own writing. Not to mention, LiveWire introduced me to some of the most like-minded people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. I strongly encourage anyone who may be interested to come check out a meeting!”

Katelyn Hall


“Ever since I was a youngster, writing has been my ultimate passion in life. To me, writing is complete bliss that brings me joy. I finally found this wonderful community where I am not judged for my writing, and where I can continuously grow as a writer by reading and editing other students’ work: LiveWire. Aside from the writing aspect, LiveWire is a family. We’re all extremely supportive of one another, and I love all of these beautiful people on this staff. This group makes me feel so loved, welcomed, and happy.”

Haley Russo


Joining LiveWire helped me meet people with similar interests and goals. It has been a wonderful experience to learn about what it takes to make a journal like this work. The people that I have had the opportunity to work with are people I will always remember, regardless of where life may take me. We are our own little family!

Berenice Galvez

Marketing/Graphic Designer