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Fall 2023 | Issue No. 9

Prose by Kassandra Sandoval

You Can’t Go Home

Poetry by Frankie A. Soto

I Wasn’t Born Where The Earthquakes Are Hitting

Poetry by Shalini Singh


Poetry by Jackie Miller

The Best I’ve Ever Had

Poetry by Mya Pike-Gonzalez

Hard Truths

Poetry by Samantha Monson

Three Poems

Prose  by Shalini Singh


Prose by Vanessa Lewis

Anybody Want a Wiener?!


Cynthia Guardado


Editorial Team

Jenna Anderson

Cyrus Burton

Sofia Cabrejos

Hyannis Cano

Niko Gonzalez

Santiago Guerrero

Victoria Hang

Emily Heil

Francisco Madrigal

Leilani Morales

Isabella Orr

Mya Pike-Gonzalez

Hannah Rodriguez

Jeffrey Roehmann

Sophia Romo

CeCe Sheldon

Julia Sciarotta

Mia Torres