Join the Staff

LiveWire is a true collaboration between wonderfully diverse people from all across this campus and community—all of them working together to foster self-expression, creative growth, and the promising careers of students in the arts.”

Amanda Walzer

Interested in Joining the LiveWire staff?

We invite students and community members to join our staff. If interested we accept rolling applications throughout the year, so there’s always opportunities for new staff members to get involved! (However, leadership positions will be filled every spring, for the following fall.)

We invite students to opt to receive 1 total units of independent study credit for a Fall and another for a Spring semester of a given academic year.

Why would I want to join?

Our goal is to give our staff members authentic publishing “internships” to provide them with real-world experience in editing, graphic design, and marketing. Each staff member will receive a specialized role based on their interests and skills. Being a member of the LiveWire staff is something to highlight on your curriculum vitae (CV), an experience to write about in applications to universities, and a launching pad into a career in publishing or other fields.

What are the expectations?

All staff members attend mandatory weekly meetings (on Thursdays, from 3-5 p.m.). They read and evaluate submissions. They help plan, set up, and host two Open Mic events per academic year. They collaborate with Faculty Advisors and other staff members, as well as community members and other Fullerton College Faculty and Staff. Lastly, they assist with clerical duties as needed.

What are the requirements

  • To join the LiveWire staff, you must submit and application and meet with one of the LiveWire Faculty Advisors.
  • To join the Editing Team, you need to have some basic knowledge of  Creative Writing and an interest in learning about publishing.
  • To join the Graphics Team, you need to have interest or experience in Graphic Design, or Computer Science. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Word Press are assets. 
  • To join the Marketing Team, it is recommended that you have an interest in social media and are able to manage social media sites. 

What positions are available?

Leadership Positions:

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Web Designer
  • Poetry Editors
  • Prose Editors
  • Graphic Designer
  • Music/Art Coordinator
  • Marketing Director

    I’m still interested!  How do I join the LiveWire staff?

    If you are interested in joining our staff, please email a letter of introduction to the LiveWire Lead Faculty Advisor, Cynthia Guardado:

    Your email should include all of the following:

    • subject line: STAFF APPLICATION
    • your name
    • your preferred email address and phone number
    • the staff positions in order of preference that you find most desirable (see positions above)
    • a brief statement of your qualifications to hold that staff position
    • how you believe you could contribute to the LiveWire staff
    The flyer states the magazines name, has large writing that reads "Join our staff". It is white, yellow, and orange. It has a picture of a cartoon cat writing at a desk with pen and paper. The flyer is meant to encourage people to join the staff.