Border Blessings


“There is a constant struggle of where my ground cements.
My very own light brothers and sisters are attempting to make me fall off the border,
a place where the sun extensively fries my skin.”

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“whirling visions leave me a love too bright,
as the sun trickles up, you trickle out”

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Waiting for My Friends to Die

“Then one day in my cubicle, I saw that my phone had rung
My hands started to shake, my heart to quake. The tears had already begun.”

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“I loathe pregnancy tests. I swear, the people in line judge you for buying one of those if you’re like under the age of 27 or don’t have a ring on your finger.”

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Dreams From The Office Floor

“But maybe it’s because, wherever it is my soul goes when I turn out the
lights, I want to stay.”

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I want with everything in me
To nuzzle under his arm, but I really
Don’t want him to get the wrong impression.

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“I ache to help him,
to guard him, to feed him,
to cradle his slick, malleable body
in my arms.
I make the mistake
of coming too close.”

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The Vigil


“Three days ago, she had been the center of his universe, the love of his life. Today, she had no more significance than the nurse who came in to change the IV. And there was nothing she could do but wait it out. The doctors said that it could be weeks before his full memory returned… ”


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The Wind

“But the effluvia from springs past,
sometimes fill my lungs,
coming and going like a summer breeze…”

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Spring 2016


Letter from the Editor:

When we talk about what makes a good story, or poem, or piece of art, the aspect I find myself always coming back to is: change. How does a character change from the beginning of a piece to its conclusion? How does a photograph change in meaning the longer it is viewed? The power of change stirs something innately human in each of us, that triggers our attention. When we can accept change in our lives, and learn to ride its waves, we are better prepared to do what every species on the planet is attempting to do— survive.