Words from the Grill


“Without another word, he left as suddenly as he had arrived, leaving me to assume that he was saving his stockpile of words for when we were at the restaurant. It wasn’t a comforting thought…”

Stitches Over My Mouth


“I wrote it off as a bad dream, Even the scariest of dreams can be forgotten…”

Perpetual Existence


“I feel my eyes begin to water as I try to hide my emotions. This is it, this is the end.”

Human Being


“By the way, it doesn’t mean a thing.

If I say no, that’s what consent means.

It’s my body it’s my choice,

so move along I already said no.”



“There was an email from my college pastor. My heart pounded as I opened it.”

The Science of Confusion


“You paid the process now you must grill.”

The Here and the After


“I met someone at the grave today. Tall, not bad-looking, with the most intense brown eyes. When I spoke, his direct gaze made me feel like I was the only one around.”

An Apology


“My body shaking, I did not say it was okay, I did not lie through my chattering teeth.”

The Same Chorus


“He hears an ominous chorus begin to play.”

Father's Daughter


“My family likes to remind me that when I was a baby, I used to cling to my mom.”



“Two brothers who were two years apart but to me it seemed like you were always there.”

For Me, Not Him


” I remembered who I painted him to be, as a child, this responsible and sensible man who loved his wife dearly but adored his daughter above everything else.”

A Wednesday Duet


“We both giggled like children. After settling down a bit, we took up our bows and took a deep breath before filling the mansion’s lungs with rapturous melodies.”

A Person


“Cannot steer outside the norm society has bestowed upon me, I’m not allowed to be a person.”

Spring 2018

Letter from the Editor


Dear Valued Reader,

From the moment I first stepped into the LiveWire community, I knew that I had entered a place where writers could present their works, each one different, unique, pure, and in its first steps. From there, the staff would nurture each one, helping the pieces grow into masterpieces.

These final product of these writers has reached its full ability and capacity to influence our readers and show a new world that was born and raised.

Through this process, although long and sometimes tedious, my dedicated staff has assembled a new set of pieces and artwork. Ones I hope will reach out to you and show you what they showed me: beautiful worlds that were created through the hard work of many.

Each staff member, each family member, on LiveWire has gone to great lengths to help make these worlds as amazing as they could. Being able to be a part of that and help has been a privilege and a gift right from the start. Whether it was as a rookie, just learning, or being an experienced member and helping others learn, the whole experience was amazing and a joy to be a part of.

The memories I have accumulated through being a part of this amazing group during an Open Mic Night is something I will hold dearly in my heart. But not only the memories will I cherish, but also the unbreakable bonds that I have formed with each and every one of my fellow members, for without them, this issue would never have reached the high level it is at now.


With my whole heart and hopes,

Sophie Lee