The Science of Confusion

Nothing to fear but yes is go
People are irritated
All the gum in the sea couldn’t bask in the sun for a sector
Despicable rollers skating in a pool,getting air and water on a plate in jail
You paid the process now you must grill
Free of debt
Free of labor
Free of nothing more than your own front porch
Static on a radio words on a cactus
Symbols of the past transform into a mask worn by many
Peace is what is needed by George
The end ended never to be ever over and under again and never
Biology of a tree when the birds and chemical force bind time and touch
Ouch! That fallout hurts and for good reason
A painful price for a quarrel of egotistical sub humanoids
The beginning (Whoever sees this is alive)

G Schulz-1985

Writer: Greg Schulz is a proud graduate of Fullerton College. He attended from 1986-1989 and earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. He transferred to California State University, Fullerton and later earned graduate degrees at both California State University, Long Beach and the University of Southern California. Today, he serves as President of Fullerton College. Our students inspire him every day, and it is his hope to inspire them. He wrote this poem in 1985 as part of a movement/venture that he and his friend, Jay Tilles, were developing called Centrifugal Mutology, which they defined as “The Science of Confusion.”

Artist: Nick Williams is a digital artist based out of Orange County who has been actively creating for a few years now. Working with the creation and manipulation of shapes, he says the inspiration for “Loop” came from admiring the sharply angled architecture of a recreational building in his neighborhood pool complex. He says that his journey in digital art has brought him a much needed sense of comfort and hopes he will continue finding the motivation to create.