the colors in my mind are so unstable
my woes pierce themselves to die, unable
to find truths in the lies that come from you
too wrapped up in affections for eyes blue

but their depths turned the daydream that i wanted
into ghoulish nights that leave me haunted
you’re like the moon, hovering in darkness
over a mad spill of chaos in a dress

your footprints lead to me only at night
whirling visions leave me a love too bright
as the sun trickles up, you trickle out
of my bed, my skin, my heart, only doubt

remains in the shadows of last night’s kiss
fled from the flood of light, leaving me to miss
your sweet indiff’rence for our love’s daylight
the height of our love never set in sight

but as the stars return again, so do you
and i am torn between what’s false and true
why must our love have such separate spheres,
and only at night your voice enter my ears?

as you are carried off with night’s death
i am left alone to mourn dawn’s breath
and i wonder how my heart shall ever see,
if you never again come back to me

in the shadows of night, i crave your eyes
to cast over me in golden-lit skies
your love’s disease has made me its host
but i cannot keep holding on to your ghost

i will show you that i am diurnal
and my affections shall be eternal

Writer: Jessie Bullard is an English major who is looking to emphasize in Creative Writing. She is transferring to a 4-year university in the fall and hopes to someday publish her work and teach literature at a community college, where her passion for writing found itself again.

Artist: Lin Greene has been excited about photography since childhood, leading to many blurry pictures on his parent’s film cameras. After learning how to use digital cameras from blogs, he is now enhancing his techniques at Cypress College under Professor Gregory Rager.



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